12 April 2016

Drawing Tuesday - British Museum

Some of us went to the "gloomy room" with the exhibition about the textile -

others to the relative brightness of the Japanese gallery -
Results -
Carol's wooden statue

Sue's metal helmet

Mags' terra cotta figurine

My dancing Krishna

Jo's man climbing into a 15th century pot

Najlaa's bronze rice container

Janet B's pottery vessel (an early apartment building??)

Janet B's hawk mask
It was also interesting to see Najlaas experimentation with tea as paint - somewhat random, somewhat manipulated -
 Following on from the discussion of Inktense pencils last week, Janet K brought along the chart she found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA7GURIPvJo and filled in with the colours she had on hand -
 Another tempting drawing tool, a nice tin of Cretacolour pastels -

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