17 May 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Hunterian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons

Lots of "specimens in glass" jars to draw ... and other objects too. The Hunterian museum is a selection of teaching specimens, some of them venerably old.

Sitting in front of some shelves labelled "products of plant generation" [or words to that effect - should have written it down], I started with a square jar from the bottom shelf -
(tools: permanent pen, somewhat soluble pen, water brush) then added the little jar from the shelf above, and after that chose jars one by one and placed them on what would become two "shelves" -
The process proved quite tricky in order to get something approaching an interesting composition -
Michelle filled several pages in addition to these -
Janet, too, did more than one drawing. I hope you can see the loose lines that eventually form the eyes -
 Joyce's (colourful, large, pregnant) African scorpion  -
Carol's ballot box dates to a vote from 1800; the last paper arrived 39 years later; the academic robe of the Faculty of Dental Surgery has a badge showing Hunter’s experimental dental graft of a human canine tooth embedded into a cockerel’s cockscomb (read about it here) -
 Sue was attracted by the colours of jars with eggs of the spotted dogfish, dissected to show embryos -
Tool of the week: Janet has been using the ipad for digital painting; the app is Artrage -


Charlton Stitcher said...

I have yet to find a drawing package for my iPad that I really like - so maybe this will be the one. At first glance, it looks interesting. Or it may just be that I haven't given enough time to those that I have tried. I suspect they need some effort to be really useful. Have you tried any with success?

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