07 June 2016

Drawing Tuesday - my "domestic museum"

A sustained downpour - the wettest day of the week - meant everyone arrived dripping - coats and umbrellas quite filled the bathroom -
and Sue found a corner from which to capture the scene -

Later, to take away the "sinister" feeling, she added more colour -
Jo found a different perspective, from the floor outside the bathroom door -
Caryl pulled up a chair near the dried-out lilies, which I'd saved in case anyone might want to draw them -
 Joyce had a go too -
Fortunately there was a statue of a horse, which could be moved to the table for Janet to draw -
and Michelle was drawing it from the other side -
Najlaa was sat at the table too, intrigued by various bits of crockery -
Mags was upstairs using watercolour to capture the stoneware inkwells (remember how collectible they were in the 1970s?) -
Note how the colours she used are found in her kantha scarf. Coincidence?

Having other people around, drawing, helped me to at last put pen to paper in the house.
You might not be able to see the "flat pottery lady" sitting on the bookshelf - she has definitely not been one of my favourite things, and represents some of the negative things about my relationship to the house. Once that was out of the way, I enjoyed drawing the chair, starting at the top, and was pleased that it ended up fitting onto the page.

At lunch, we were nine around the table -

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irene macwilliam said...

wow great drawing going on.