11 October 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral provided lots of subject material, from the full length of the nave to a corner with candlesticks and columns, as well as colourful glass windows and even a horse (and dragon). Plus, in the background, a bout of organ music and regular short prayers, as well as a cafe attached to the cathedral - with a cathedral cat roaming the premises.

The cathedral has been a place of Christian worship for 1000 years. In addition to the association with Shakespeare (the Globe theatre was and is again nearby)
Memorial to William Shakespeare
there are memorials to other local residents -
The Treharne Memorial (via)
The Humble Memorial (via)
and events -
Not to forget the stained glass - this is the latest addition, designed by Leifur Breidfjörd for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012 -
And now for the drawings -
Carol and Sue independently chose bits of that window

Carol added the coloured light falling on stone

Sue was definitive with the leading
Stonework by Joyce

Pillar bases and candlestick base by Mary
A grand vista by Mike

Janet found a horse - and St George hard at work

My struggle with foreshortening ...

... and pleasure in letter shapes (drawn upside down)

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