30 July 2017

Goodbye, Play-boy

The first unit of the Extended Drawing course, two years ago, started with a Playmobile figure - they are about 7cm (3") high - first with some warm-up  charcoaldrawings in various poses on two sheets of A2 paper, taped together. 

For the subsequent class we each brought in some pictures from magazines that didn't have people in them, and laid them all out on the floor, then chose one to use. It, or some part of it, became the background - and all the smaller drawings from the week before were rubbed out and drawn over.
 To give scale -
It's lying on the floor because I'm going to wipe off the charcoal and paint over with acrylics in splodges ... or maybe gesso, it depends on finding the gesso. On top of the base layer will go more paint and some stamping or perhaps monoprinting. Then it will be cut up to make little books. I enjoyed doing this last year and am looking forward to making a few dozen more.

So it's goodbye to the Play-guy, and to my struggles with those cliffs -
 The stoney foreground was good patternmaking fun -
 ...eventually with signs of impatience -

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