26 February 2020

Woodblock Wednesday - an outpouring of jugs

 There have been many "test proofs" - rubbings - and finally it's good enough to go. Checking various areas ... not perfect ... but good enough.
 Block 1 (background) and 2 (some jugs)
 Block 3 - more jugs, printed slightly darker, more indigo
 The final jugs are on the keyblock, printed in mostly black with some indigo -
 Colour mixtures noted -
Next I'll make a block with just the "white" jug, turn it into stripes.

Subsequently there are the flat areas - what colour? or leave them as is?

And with those issues sorted, various colours can be brought into play.

There's another block, two actually, not printed this time - the mouths of the jugs. I like them white, as is. Once that "ghost jug" has been accepted into the group.

1 comment:

Stitchinscience said...

Gosh Margaret, that all looks very impressive. I rather like the ghost jug standing there, ghostly, yet obtrusive.