19 January 2021

Drawing Tuesday - impractical clothing

 For many people, an item of clothing is impractical if it doesn't have pockets. 

Or if a raincoat isn't waterproof.

But those are prosaic - do use your imagination and perhaps do some collage, making "hybrid" garments that serve no practical purpose! There are fashion designers whose creations fall into this category - google "impractical runway fashion" for a giggle and some ideas. I liked this one - reminds me of Flat Stanley, one of my young son's favourite books, back in the day -
This seems like a good subject for drawing on cloth, or with thread (or paper and glue). Why not go completely impractical and "adapt" something that's waiting to go to the charity shop? 🤔😉

From Mags - Last August, when making lots of fabric masks,  carefully choosing high thread- count cloth , I  became  increasingly concerned  by what people regarded as suitable materials for  face coverings.  Designer offerings included  embellished  silk organza !  My interpretation    includes "fabric" of fruitnet  with  used Colour Catcher "Filter" 

An additional photo ( manipulated in Photoshop and printed on Colour Catcher)  of me wearing a '2 layered fabric face covering '( 2 fruitnets) 

From Najlaa - Man in gellabia

From Ann - Just had to have an excuse to paint this courtesan from the Edo period in her most impractical kimono. In watercolours.

From Judith - Things to be thankful for in 2021!

From Carol - These shoes are only any good for sitting around and being waited on hand and foot. Cannot walk, stand for any length or time or drive in them but they sparkle in a lovely way and make your feet feel like fairies.

From Sue K - Here’s my offering with influence of Kusama’s graphic novel clothes. A ‘pin up’ dress of covid life!

From Janet K - I bought this coat for £5 in a charity shop. Impractical for London winters - much too warm! But keeps me cosy in Winnipeg when it's -25C (with a sweater underneath).

From Joyce - who else remembers the exhibition at the VandA “Shoes, Pleasure and Pain"? Here are the platforms designed by Vivienne Westwood that Naomi Campbell famously fell off in 1993!
It was an interesting exhibition spanning many centuries and cultures, today’s footwear can be much more comfortable and kind to the feet.

From Gill - I’ve just watched all the PG Tips chimpanzee advertisements on YouTube (well it is lockdown) and they are still lol for me. I loved these when I was a little girl but of course it is totally inappropriate now to dress animals up and these clothes are impractical for them as they don’t have wardrobes.
PG Tips even had their own Bond........Brooke Bond.

From me - "The pocket handkerchief folding pocket book" - showing eight scaled-down examples of carefully folded squares of linen, cotton or silk (in this case, paper) to put in a jacket pocket, for display purposes only. There are conventions of what type of folds are appropriate for whichever occasions, which need not concern us here. The popular saying is "one for show and one [in trousers pocket] for blow". 

Sumi ink and felt-tip pens on packing paper ("use what you have"). 

Some further ideas:
- overcoat for a giraffe
- tights for centipedes
- cloak of obscurity (rather desirable, perhaps?)
- bubble wrap raincoat for hedgehog
- fur coats for sheep
- "pocket wardrobe" - in a pocket book, perhaps?
And the clothes for paper dolls always did have impractical tabs to hold them on.

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