10 October 2008

"Ally Pally"

Look closely and you'll see that the sign says "Knitting and Stitching Show".
The SDA booth looks better with some textiles (the big one is by Claire Benn, the others from the discharge workshop I did with Bob Adams last year) - and with lots of people milling around - the other SDA members in the photo are Catherine and Hilary.Nearby was "Seeking Pearls" an interactive installation by Alfreda McHale - marvellous! You choose a jar of buttons,
emptied it into the big bowl, then refilled your jar - it's absorbing work -Yes there was knitting (and wool, wool, wool) at the K&S show:
And stitching - darning, even - here's Michael Swaine and his darning project -
I had my darned sock-toe photographed in vivo -
Felt - yes there was felt. In many manifestations, including brooches -
and pincushions (these from Tait & Style, in the Orkneys) -And of course there were bags - everywhere you looked -Oh, nearly forgot to mention the exhibitions, ethnic textiles, and the conversations -- and the shopping opportunities. There were one or two things I forgot to buy, but I'll be back there tomorrow...


Julie said...

Looks exciting Margaret. I have to wait till Harrogate in November.......more time to save up!!

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Thank you so much for sharing, Margaret.

Sue said...

So sorry to have missed the opportunity to come and say hello to you. I was there on Thursday and Friday, and had a wonderful time. Wasn't Sara L's bag beautiful? To think she'd run it up the evening before she flew over...!