16 October 2008

Something pink and round

The journal quilt for this month is taking shape. Perhaps inspired by seeing Jean Littlejohn's work at the Knitting & Stitching show, I felt the need for circles. (This pic of Jean's work is from the 62 Group website - her work shown at K&S, especially the Pathways series, is even more yummy.)And now my little thing (rather close up), front -
and back -
Its title might be "Going round in circles" - or it might be "In the pink" ... or maybe "Giant gooey marshmallows"? ... there's still a bit to stitch and the edges to finish.


rupr said...

Beautiful. It looks like bobbles.

Anne Wigfull said...

Maybe a bit unfair to compare two such different photos, but I much prefer your circles to Jean Littlejohn's effort.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Love the circle stitching. It's a bit tedious but so worth it.