08 October 2008

On the street where I live

Standing on the corner in the sunshine, with time to look around - I'm looking at my flat in the middle of this terrace (only it's not "flat", it's on two floors) -and at a different view of two businesses I can see from my windows - Continental Cafe has been going for years, but the place next to it keeps changing hands. A few months ago it was a Greek restaurant, before that ... can't remember. Wonder if Vietnamese food will be a success. When I first lived in this area there wasn't a pizzeria, very few other restaurants. It's changed in the past couple of decades. It was built in the late 1880s. Wikipedia has an amusing entry on Stroud Green Road.Usually this street is really quite busy - lots of people on their way to Finsbury Park tube station.

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Anonymous said...

Of course Topic Records, the oldest independent label in the world is at 50 Stroud Green Road.

Cathy C-M
(A quilter and more than a bit of a folkie)