14 October 2008

Wasting time?

Just now I sent along an interesting website to one of my online groups, adding that it had:
Interesting photos, and lots of links to follow, if you have time to "waste"!

Which brings up the question - just exactly what IS wasted time? For me, looking at websites that make me think or that motivate me to get out of the chair and into the workroom, that isn't wasted time. Probably, looking at more than three or four at a time would be... but not necessarily - there are times when we're gathering information and other times when we're putting it into action.

It's a risk, checking out those links - will they be tooooo riveting, causing the loss of time that had been scheduled for some other activity? Will they be so boring that the 10 seconds they take to load will be wasted?

Hanging on the phone, waiting to be put through to a person and having to listen to their tinny music, now that DOES qualify as wasted time! So, in my book, does getting angry with someone for having wasted your time, or with yourself for the same reason.Finding a pic for this was fun - if you want to really waste time, search for an image of "wasted time" and see what comes up. This one is from here.

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