28 June 2012

Al-Mutanabbi Street project

This project, which consists of artists' books made in response to the 2007 car bombing in Baghdad's street of booksellers, has vacancies and I have applied. The original call for proposals showed a photo of the charred remains of the street
and this immediately (and viscerally) brought to mind the charred quality of my inky books; seconds later I knew what I wanted to make, and how this fits in with "loss of memory" (not that it would be made as part of my college project).

I have applied to be part of the project, and intend to make "the book" in any case - something very inky, possibly curled, perhaps using tissue paper, perhaps with writing showing through the ink here and there, perhaps with pages stuck together, probably with some thread somewhere ... not sure of the details, but I'm very sure of the concept to be communicated, and the starting point.

Friday book market, 2006, and bombing aftermath, 2007
You can see some of the artists books already made at al-mutanabbistreetstartshere.

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Sandy said...

yes. I think those would fit well. Can't wait to see what you do. And I do hope you are accepted!