30 June 2012

Final textile degree show

It's sad that the degree course offered by the Julia Caprara School of Textiles has been shut down. I was able recently to go to its final show, at Middlesex University, and to meet Judy Martin there. It was a sunny day, the show looked wonderful, and at one point we were four Canadians sitting round a table chatting.
"The horizon line gives us a heaven"
Judy writes about the final stages of the making of the work here, and the installation here. Its transparency is perhaps less effective in an urban setting than in the wilds of Canada...

Judy shows the work of the other graduates on her blog, judys-journal. Viki Jenkins' "How do I express feminity" (see pix here) struck me as a witty way of using self-portraiture, using layered organza, with the added layer of a mirror behind them in the box frame, to bring the viewer literally into the picture. They were presented in a row, in small white frames, which worked well, but comes with an important decision: how high should they be hung, so that viewers really do see themselves in the picture?
unfortunately you lose a sense of scale when photos are juxtaposed like this
"Continuum" will be shown in Oakville, Ontario, 2-18 November.

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