04 June 2012

More street parties

On our way out this morning, the next street was setting up their street party. Note the blue sky - after yesterday's torrential rain, today was meant to be fine - before the rain returns tomorrow. About 950 road closures had been applied for - that's a lot of red, white, and blue; miles of bunting; thousands if not millions of cupcakes ...
When we returned four hours later, the party in the street near the tube station was all but over. The puddle shows that it had been raining in the meantime -
Nearer home, some fleeting sunshine for that other party, still in full swing -

The street party is a grand British tradition. In 1945 the war was over - that really was reason to celebrate! This was Norah Street, off Bethnal Green Rd (Norah St no longer exists) - the lad leaning forward near the centre is Tony, and his mum is tall in the centre at the back -
Note the absence of men; some away at war still, not yet demobbed, but others keeping away from what was seen as something for women and children.

Tony also recollected hearing that the war was over (VE Day, Tuesday 8 May 1945) - he was up early and his grandfather had just heard on the radio, so young T went up and down the street, banging on doors and shouting "The war is over!" Sometimes the news is worth waking up early for!

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Sandra Wyman said...

Sadly, only ever been to one street party - mind you it was Coronation Day and I was six at the time and allowed to stay up late (it went on into the evening)