14 June 2012

Book du jour - leaf printing

End-stage language failure: obscured and obliterated
The Seepage project has been printed - despite problems with getting the turned-over type to print as "words" rather than as "letters" (ie, separated - as above). The type isn't standing square on its feet, the way it would be if those were the letters being printed. But this will have to do!

Rather than breaking up the type and putting it away, and moving on to something else already in progress, I used a spare hour to print on the undersides of a couple of dozen leaves collected on the way in to college, slipping them under the paper to leave a kind of stencil shape.

Printing with the actual leaves simply didn't work, despite height adjustments of typebed and roller. Anyway, leaf prints are rather predictable, and have been done more easily (and with an end result in mind) in other ways.

I have absolutely no idea what to do with these printed leaves and printed pages - but the leaves are being pressed under a heavy weight, and the pages - on tracing paper - are spread out to dry.

I simply printed them because I could...

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Connie Rose said...

Some scrapbooker or journal artist will want to buy them, no doubt. They ARE wonderful!