26 June 2012

Book du jour - Brainstorm

We've had some windy days lately and I happened to be out with my camera and took some pix of trees thrashing about. I'd been thinking about the way we can "lose" words the way a tree loses leaves.

The order of the photos wasn't important - until I started darkening them progressively. Next time I do something like this, I'll think first, start at the beginning and be systematic about it! What a lot of bother it's been to make this simple project - an 8-page book, digitally produced, pamphlet bound.

The darkening, over the 7 photos, wasn't sufficiently different between some, and it was difficult to get the sequence right once I arranged the pix on the page. But first I had to figure out the layout - as this was to be printed on tracing paper, it was a matter of printing on one side of half the paper and the other side of the other half.
many false starts and notes-to-self
take care to put the paper into the printer straight!
My first sequence of pix didn't work out, but continuing with that little book till it was finished led forward to a new layout that works - for one copy or several. You can now print two pages, turn the paper over, print the other two - then lay them face down to cut in half horizontally, and pile the lower half on the upper half. Fold. You have the book in the correct sequence. Phew, it took a while to figure out! I found it helpful to put the page numbers in the outer margin, which got cut off.
publication details need to be moved to the end
It needs a title page and publication details, such as they are, and a cover. I used a thin creamy paper for the title and final page, and black card for the cover, quickly assembled with pamphlet stitch.
laser-jet printed on tracing paper

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