27 June 2012

Change of use

Studio - my studio - becomes carpentry shop - his carpentry shop, and the pillar drill gets lots of use. I'm told this is "only for two days", and then the dustsheets will be removed.

Meanwhile, he's constantly hoovering up sawdust; meanwhile, I'm learning how to use PowerPoint as part of preparing a seven-minute talk, for Tuesday, on how my art practice has evolved throughout the MA course. The role of carpentry will not be mentioned.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

the role of carpentry has led you to stop procrastinating about Power Point and get on with it. LOL
my son is coming home Saturday. I look forward to it with mixed emotions. He parks himself in front of the telly on the settee where his feet are in the path between the studio and the rest of life. I get distracted because he watches very interesting things like how they made the biggest buildings, and some kind of sport.

I may well have to shut the door and make things. :-) or mark student work.