26 June 2013

At the Royal College of Art degree show

I was surprised to encounter a quilt in the "visual communication" section of the building -
"The Hole" by Yeni  Kim
The elements are (digitally?) printed onto fabric, and machine quilted; the writing around the middle is hand embroidered and says something like "the hole that I have inside me is growing bigger - I tried to fill it with books, poetry, music, [etc etc] but now I'm not going to worry about it any more - I'll use it to swim in"
 She's got a nice idea for a "business card" too - given that people would take a photo of it on their phones -
 Have a look at her other projects on the RCA Show website, where you can see the work of students from various courses.

The work of Becky Allen, hung on a landing, was impressive in its diligence and visual simplicity -
"Penelope" by Becky Allen - ink on Japanese paper
A couple of "design solutions" to unrecognised "problems" -
Marc Miralda Besa's clothes basket, filled, hooks onto wall above radiator,
then unfolds to become a drying rack;
the waste bin hangs on wall, allows sweeping underneath
- and is opened by a foot lifting the yellow bit;
please someone, manufacture these!
Santiago Guerro Font says: "The unconscious beauty of a jig
tells the storyof the object it helps to make"
In the textiles section, rich textures in these accessories by Nina Born - the green that looks like beetle's wings is a narrow tape, crocheted tightly and in large loops -
and the amazing 'uncanny' footwear (a giant could wear it??) by Matthias Winkler -
What really impressed me, tucked away into a corner, were these pieces by Ye Seung Lee, part of a PhD, "The ambiguity of seamlessness: the poetic function of making".
Seamless garments - by Ye Seung Lee
A video showed how they were made - using pliers to pull the needle through the fabric...
Some details of the interweaving possibilities -

Such work - simply beautiful!

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Sandy said...

This is the sort of person that should be in the student gallery at FOQ or Knit and Stitch...who needs to be told to go look?