21 June 2013

Neighbourhood sensation

Photo is courtesy of my son, who was passing by and joined the crowd that was standing around chatting. The story is that the woman who lived in the house was put in a home, and the house was bought at auction by "some cowboys". They started burning the contents in the brick shed in the back garden - as a result the fire department was called four times, until finally, after paint had been added to the fire to produce black toxic smoke, they told the guys that if they burned any more, they'd come back with the police. So to clear the house, the guys threw the contents - the woman's possessions - into the street, beyond the garden even to the middle of the street, at which point the police came round to tell them to put everything inside the garden.

A talking point for all passers-by, a warning for us all. Could it happen near you?


Sandy said...

oh and my.

neki desu said...

how i dread that.