19 June 2013

Drawing course, week 7

After a week's break, the drawing session felt as scary - and passed as quickly - as ever.
The task of the day - contrasting drawings, worked on alternately
The view I chose for the "intense" one
The view for the "calm" one - photo taken after starting the drawing.
To get this angle, I had to twist the camera - that should have given me a clue...
Before checking verticals, horizontals and relationships
(using charcoal on both at the moment)
After checking, some things have moved - but not enough
(switching to pencil on the right)
I started adding ink washes on the right - and then the tutor came along
and helped me get the positions right, in both pics
More layers of wash on the right, but not enough time to finish the one on the left
This was definitely a learning experience. Even though the paper was small, it felt rushed to do both drawings, and having a free choice of medium (and being encouraged to emphasise the contrast by choice of medium) was almost too much for me.

Next week, it gets even scarier - we start on a two-week project. Before that, I'll be reviewing what we've worked on so far...

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