23 June 2013

Elsewhere at the open studio

Upstairs hallway - photos of gardens and sailing by Tony Wallis
Tony's photos of hieroglyphs and plants behind steamy glass
In the downstairs hall, photos by Mark Tamer
... and a print by Sarah Jarman
More of Mark's photos, including his "foggy weather" series
A roomful of work by Sabi Westoby (sorry about the reflections)
More work by Sabi over the sofa
In the kitchen, a sample of work by everyone,
and browsers of unframed work
The conservatory has a few more surfaces for laying out smaller work
Here's what we said about ourselves:
Sabi Westoby combines paper and textile, paint and stitch, collage and applique, creating works inspired by the natural and man-made worlds. www.sabiwestoby.com
Mark Tamer has a very graphic style, creating simple, stunning photographs that would look great on anyone’s wall. www.marktamer.co.uk
Margaret Cooter paints with fabric and scissors and draws with thread and needles. She also makes sculptural book-objects from various materials. www.margaretcooter.co.uk
Tony Wallis’s photography shows great variety, but his favourite subject is landscape. His experimental style has won him prizes in prestigious competitions. www.tonywallisphotography.com

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Cate Rose said...

Lovely! Is that a quilt in the first photo? Love it.