03 June 2013

Drawing course - week 5

The set-up - with our drawings from last class laid out around it
First attempts to delineate my chosen section -
where do the papers go?
It was so wrong that I scrubbed it out and turned the paper upside down
Checking placement of objects, and placing papers by finding where the corners are
The camera sees it in 2D - but the brain tries to impose its own view
of the objects, eg rectangular paper
With a little help from the tutor:
"add your verticals and horizontals"
In the final half hour, adding large, vigorous marks in the foreground
areas and fainter, slower marks in the background to show
textural diffusion and light, mid, and dark tones
The angles made by the rectangular paper gave me all sorts of trouble. One suggested exercise is to lay down pieces of paper and draw them. It could be frustrating, but I think it would be very worth persevering with. It's quite a change of orientation, from the rectangles on the floor to the shapes on the paper on the easel.

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