03 August 2013

Almost the last of the bookwraps

Another handful to add to the still-growing stack
For an A5 book, two of the four made from the same silk piecing -
(this, in fact)
A5 again, leftovers from the big "River" quilt ...
... which is now in the upstairs hall
A4, from a starch-resist print that wasn't quite wide enough
Top, a laborious embroidery from the mid-90s;
below, monoprints of faces, from the same era
The laborious embroidery in its unaltered state - it's
much improved as a book wrap, don't you think?
It's amazing what you find in the cupboard that can be put to good use! Half a dozen bookwraps are almost ready to bind, and there's only one possible sewing day before the delivery date, as I'll be away from the sewing machine for a few days.

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Linda M said...

I just love all the book wraps you've been making. How many have you made? A great use for those old projects.