22 August 2013

Art I like - Mandy Patullo

For many people, Mandy Patullo's exhibit, "Thread and Thrift" was one of the highlights of Festival of Quilts. Mandy lives in Northumberland and is a printmaker as well as a textile artist, working in a collage style with the old quilts and textiles that people give her. To the fabric afficionado with a historical bent, her work speaks for itself -

More (and better!) pix of Mandy's work are on her blog. On going to her website, I found that she makes artists books as well "when I have a story to tell" (what better reason??) - see some here.


Connie Rose said...

I adore Mandy's work! Thanks for featuring her on your blog.

Gillian Cooper said...

I really enjoyed Mandy's work too. It seemed very authentic, not at all joining the current vintage bandwagon. I loved the way all the pieces seemed so substantial.