12 August 2013

This 'n' that at FOQ

"From old to modern" by Merete Veian, in the Norwegian Quilt Association "The joy of quilting" display 
Prints on plastic by Rita Merten, in the EQA (European Quilt Association) exhibit
A quilted diary, by Elizabeth Brimelow - in the Fine Art Quilt Masters exhibition
A detail of"Every text he ever sent me" by  Lara Hailey
(see the entire quilt here)
Linda Onions' quilt in "In the Spotlight" (see others here), on the theme of "underground"
- painting/printing, and judiciously used hand stitch
"Evidence of Bodies" by Susan Chapman and Terrie Hitchcock
had a table where you could sign your name on the paper "cloth"
- audience participation -
In the Quilters' Guild challenge, on the them of "transport"
- top, Terri Donaldson, below, Margaret Ramsay
"Straplines" by Hilary Gooding
"Flowerpecker" by Stephanie Redfern
Painterly work by Annabel Rainbow, from Through Our Hands
(read about her working process on her blog)
A diptych caught in passing - by Sandra Meech, I think
Vivid patterning by Bethan Ash
My favourite in the SAQA "Metaphors on Ageing" exhibition
- "Evening Walk" by Cynthia St Charles
From the CQ (Contemporary Quilt) "Horizons" exhibition
- gorgeous colours and subtle quilting by Christine Restall


patty a. said...

Thank you for posting so many pictures from FOQ. The variety of work was wonderful and inspiring!

Connie Rose said...

Wow, what GREAT quilts! Thanks for posting.

Maggi said...

You've managed to photograph a lot of my favourites too.