10 August 2013

The last of the bookwraps, at last!

Finishing touches, apres-holiday, on the last few -

A couple of my favourites, thread-painted in sunset colours
 Ready to be released -
Delivered - three months' work in two small bags - joining many hours of work by many, many people -
The tombola in action - you take a ticket from the drum, then if you have a lucky number (ending in 0, 3, or 5) you choose a box, in which the bookwraps randomly lie -

These bookwraps might not be the very last ... later, I might make more for presents, and to use up the "bits" that will inevitably accumulate - the class samples, the trimmings off journal quilts, the false starts and unsuccessful completions. Now, it's on, on ... to other projects ...

I've really enjoyed the challenge of "making straw into gold" with the individual items that emerged out of the cupboard. What really helped with the productivity aspect was to settle to one format, a simple one at that, and to cut lots of "pockets" and bindings in advance, so as to be able to mix&match, rather than having to go back into the stash each time for the what-binding-what-pocket decision for individual pieces.

Very few old projects and class-samples are left; making the bookwraps been a positive, freeing experience. I had a hidden agenda: to brainwash myself to be able to let go of some of my overwhelming amount of art supplies. Getting rid of a few yards of fabric and scraps hasn't entirely solved this, of course, but as you enjoy the making, you can do lots of thinking and positive reinforcement about how good it will be when you have less clutter.

Continuing with the decluttering is ongoing (can it ever end?) - and as I think about drastically paring down the stash, I can feel a lot of resistance - so much, that I broke off writing to deal with some difficult emails, rather than continue with this post... The accumulated fabric says "use me, you paid good money and had exciting plans for me". It will be satisfying to find new homes for it, other people who can put it to use. That's the next big project.

Next small project is to thoroughly clear the surfaces in the studio ... not such a small job, but, as they say: how do you eat an elephant? - bite by bite.

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