09 August 2013

Holiday pleasures

Reading -
In bed and bath
Browsing -
At breakfast
Of an evening
Now and then
Map reading (and getting a little bit lost) -
Sitting beside the sea -
Finding a pebble beach (Westward Ho!) on which to make some land art with the smooth and white-banded stones -

Watching hi-jinks (Ilfracombe) on a stormy day -

Waiting in the car (Bude) for the rain to stop, people watching and listening to the radio -
Cooking garden produce -
Spending time with cats -


Diane-crewe said...

the simplest things often bring the most pleasure .....if we just take the time to see them x

The Idaho Beauty said...

A friend of mine recently was doing the rock art thing on a beach here. I'd not heard the thing about banded rocks being wishing stones but she says they are. She gathered hers to make a heart shape. http://blueturtlesart.com/creating-art-on-the-go/

Jane Housham said...

Sounds like bliss