14 August 2013

Looking for a different sort of work-around

A while back Google brought out their "new reply" screen - with a little box that you type into at the bottom right of the screen, causing a change in typing position and unnecessary aggravation! I chose to continue with the old reply, which gave a bigger box and didn't have the "screen clutter" of the inbox visible behind where you're working. (Am I alone in liking - needing - to see just one thing on the screen at a time? Why is the cluttered desktop seen as such a desirable thing??)
Today's computer session did not start well, with a message from Google that the new reply was back. Inescapable. I let off steam by composing a blog post ... and then deleted it ... because when I actually went to use the dreaded New Reply, it was not as before - the box isn't a separate thing in a corner, it's central (none of that deleterious leaning to the right and squinting in) and doesn't look cluttered.

BUT - you're still between a rock and a hard place - either you can see, without scrolling, a few sentences of what you've already typed, or you can see the text you're responded to - so will this make for more scrolling? Once you get knocked off track, you're ready to jump to the worst conclusion ... time will tell on this one.

Putting up with inevitable changes - it's such a challenge in everyday life.

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Olga said...

I suppose it is inevitable that we only like changes when they enhance what we prefer. I agree with you about clutter, however, and keep well away from some websites because of it these days.