16 March 2015

77 Grosvenor Street, W1

Entrance: "Grosvenor Gate" by Shelagh Wakely, one of her architectural commissions; made in 2006.  "Wakeley's conceptual starting points would be inspired by the location yet were never prosaic: 'historical, social and environmental considerations influenced their form,' according to the artist. ... The River Thames, loosely interwoven within the watery imagery meandering its way around the porte-cochere of 199 Knightsbridge, 2005, is the genesis of the culverted River Tyburn, present in the surface patterning of the bronze Grosvenor Gate, 2006" (from Shelagh Wakeley (eds Sandie Macrae & Aideen Morgan), ROOM Books, 2013).

Office rent - £120 a square foot! The building "achieved the highest office rent in the biggest letting seen for two years in May 2007" (via) and in 2013 was up for sale at £125m. (At which point it ceases to interest me...)

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