07 March 2015

The long way round

Much as I depend on the Citymapper app to get from A to B, sometimes a little local knowledge is a useful thing. 

Trying to get from home to Olympia for a stewarding stint on the Quilters Guild stand at the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show, I suspected the quickest way was by Overground, starting at Crouch Hill and changing at Gospel Oak, as you do when travelling westwards. But Citymapper disagreed with me -
In the end I left home at 8.35, caught the delayed train at Crouch Hill at 8.50 (fretting about not making the connection), changed at Gospel Oak with 3 minutes to go down the stairs and up the other side, and sat on the Clapham Junction train to Olympia, arriving at about 9.30, in plenty of time to find the right entrance etc.

So, 60 minutes by the direct route, vs 74 as predicted by the badly-programmed robot. You can't believe everything you read!

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