23 March 2015

New art from Africa and Latin America

The Pangea II exhibition had many large works exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery's large rooms, but the one I remember best had been in the previous Pangea show ... the "ants" by Colombian artist Rafael Gomezbarros. This time some of them were in a small room, and to step into the room, its walls crawling with these creatures, was to have all the hairs on your legs stand on end - quite a different effect from them being "safely" spread on the walls of a very large room -

Also extremely impressive was the work of Ethiopian artist Ephrem Solomon - cut lino with collage and paint, with limited colours and signature elements of chairs and slippers -

Ibrahim Mahama lined an entire room with coal sacks in the first Pangea exhibition - this time he showed several smaller works -
Armand Boua's medium is tar and acrylic on cardboard -
The collections of hats, sewn onto canvas, are part of Alexandre da Cunha's "Nudes" series -

And now for something completely different - in a small room upstairs is prizewinning work by children of various ages from one school - the "cubist faces" are by 10-11 year olds -
What a brilliant rendition of "The Chomondley Sisters"!

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