14 March 2015

Springy stitching

With Monday, and ceramics class, fast approaching, it's time to get on with some stitching. First I had to Do Something about the state of the studio, and am pleased to report that it took only minutes to clear the surfaces and floor - much, much less time than I've spent thinking about it in the past week or so!
Before (distant and darkened to spare you the sordid details)
It's such a delight to sit down at a big, empty table -
In progress are some more cylinders, and some flat pieces of ruching with applied metallic organza, inspired by "Four Fields" (and related pieces, via) by Dorothy Caldwell -

Outside the window, in the downstairs neighbour's garden, is this harbinger of spring -


beatrice De said...

The same, my tables are always overcrowd.

beatrice De said...

Anyway that nice to be active.