26 March 2015

A little nothing

A mini-JQ, trying out a new method of putting it together. Would it work at a size of 6"x 12"? This example is 6" x 3 1/4" -
It's a quickly-made paper collage, with stamping (the yellow spots, the blue lines), a bit of fabric (the flower/sun), and quite a bit of couching (orange and yellow threads). I prefer the back, which shows the (neon) threads holding the three layers together -
Three layers - between the paper front and the fabric back is a layer of stiff, non-woven interfacing, which works at the small size to give the piece a "good handle" - it doesn't flop about - it's that non-floppy property that I think would get lost in scaling up this construction method.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Two layers of the interfacing would work...or 1 layer of pelmet weight Vilene. or a layer of felt.

and/or does it really matter if it is floppy?

Just some thoughts!