13 March 2015

Ceramics week 9

Sunday and Monday involved making fabric structures (vessels? chimneys??) for dipping in class Monday evening. I'm aware that time is running out and have gone into a bit of a fluster, losing focus. 
 They're meant to be different ways of getting the fabric to drape - or droop! - combined with metal for keeping the shape and/or adding colour. Lots more to explore on this.... but I'm all over the place at the moment.

So - what came out of the kiln?
Two plain paperclay "vases" - about 10cm high - rolled out with a hexagonal pencil
Ditto, with snippets of metallic organza inside and outside
Gathering, reinforced by wire
Wire wrapped round and round - with metallic organza strips top and bottom
Too much metal and not enough sand! it stuck to the tray, but Robert heroically loosened it
Dripping in progress - the cardboard circles help keep the tops open (by spreading the strings); once the dripping is finished, I use a hairdryer to make the vessels firm enough to handle.
The two at the bottom were painted with glaze; dried; painted with slip; dried ... and then bits of everything started flaking off....

On the left, painted with slip over glaze; on the right, a gathered shape (boat??) painted with slip -

These will dry out for a week, so that sand doesn't stick to the bottom when they're fired -
And these have gone to the kiln -


Connie Rose said...

Just fab!

Sandy said...

I don't think you are loosing focus. All of these look like a collection. And Very Wonderful!
I hope I can see them in person sometime. A gallery stand at Knitting and Stitching?

beatrice De said...

How nice they are.