01 March 2016

Drawing Tuesday - V&A Medieval gallery

Some choice objects -
Griffin ewer made about 1120

Aquamaniles - the one in front made in Hildesheim 1215-1230

Columns from southern Italy, 1150-1200
Ivory and enamel made up the objects of my choice. Ivory objects are usually quite small; enamel objects can be larger. Both take great skill, of course. And it's amazing that the ivory box "representing a relatively obscure story" is nearly 1000 years old; the Limoges plaque showing the resurrection of the dead dates to about 1250.

 I spent a long time on the little scene (two tonsured figures in close and animated discussion beneath a rounded arch), and was able to get the various layers of decoration on the plaque sketched out in a short time - but didn't get to grips with the "pseudo-Kufic" on the three borders; "This pairing of a border decoration derived from Arabic with a strongly Christian scene may reflect an appreciation of Islamic luxury arts in French church or noble treasuries."

 Sue S captured a flying-bull roof boss, and a tile -

 Sue M caught the griffin ewer -

Michelle went for a pillar from Tuscany and a carved saint -

 Carol fastened on a door from Ipswich, made about 1500, and its bolt -

 Meanwhile Joyce sampled the Faraday museum a week early, but joined us for lunch -

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Charlton Stitcher said...

These are lovely. I especially enjoyed the graphic feel of Sue M's griffin ewer - all that pattern!