24 March 2016

Poetry Thursday - Greek Antiquities: First Floor by Lauris Edmonds

Sculpted ... but not running (via)

Greek Antiquities: First Floor

Little sculptured animals, young deer
still stiffly running,still with bright
and frightened eyes, my fingers touch
the tiny perforations that mark
the spots upon your coats of clay
and find them rough and hard. Will any
dream of mine so run, wakeful
through more than twenty centuries?

Lauris Edmond (1924-2000)

Lauris Edmond was born in New Zealand and raised a family before publishing the poetry she had written all her life. Her first book, In Middle Air (1975), was awarded the PEN Best First Book Award for that year.

"She was friend to several generations of women, especially writers, who admired her as a pioneer for breaking with social convention and carving out a successful literary life at a time when this seemed risky" said her obituary in the Guardian. A biennial poetry award was established in her name, and her poetry continues to influence New Zealand writers.

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