18 March 2016

Past exhibitions

For the record ... working from a little heap of exhibition leaflets that's built itself up on the corner of the desk.

Contemporary Visions VI at Beers - (till 19 March) - it included a few pieces that felt like textiles, albeit stretched both literally and metaphorically -

Colleen Heslin, 3 works described as "dye on sewn canvas"

Gijs Van Lith's work used sewn canvas too, stained and marked by oil and acrylic

Struan Teague

Sergej Jensen's "Moneybags" at White Cube Bermondsey - (till 17 April) - interesting to see what uses a "textile" source can be put to in a fine-art context -

Park Seo-Bo at White Cube Mason's Yard - finished 12 March - he's been working in a serene, minimal way for decades -

Maps of Persia at Brunei Gallery (till 21 March) - maps are always fascinating -
And one from last year - "Guides to Elsewhere,"book art by Linda Toigo at Westminster Reference Library - this is "Maelstrom" in progress; other works are on her blog (March and April 2015)

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ErikaM said...

This work reminded me of some of the work of an Australian/New Zealand artist, Rosalie Gascoigne, who uses/used? found materials to make her art.
Here is a link to the piece I mean.
E x