07 March 2016

Unexpected art

Something to see in a stairwell!  It's in Block F, Hammersmith Hospital, should you be nearby. Right next door to Wormwood Scrubs prison (but that's neither here nor there).
Horizon by Kenneth Draper, 1971
"Although abstract, the work alludes to nature, which is suggested by the title.
The artist's distinctive use of materials creates a gravity defying lightness."

Carnival, 1971, by Viacheslav Atroshenko (1935-1995)
"The artist abstracts the essence of nature in order to create a powerful
abstract form that interprets its subject, rather than imitates it."

Untitled, 1971
"Atroshenko's paintings consist of bold compositions of colours that
are filled with energy and sharpness."

The Horizon piece works brilliantly there, with what's on the horizon changing as you descend (or ascend). Whereas the lifts offer only mirrors and stainless steel.

Other hospitals have art collections too - for instance The Royal London. A list of hospital-based art programmes is on the London Arts in Health Forum website. 

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Charlton Stitcher said...

Indeed, art in hospital seems to be common. When in Great Western Hospital in Swindon with my husband, we enjoyed the art collection on the walls - a great diversion from the necessarily slightly fraught business of hospital appointments, for which we were grateful.