28 March 2016

Research, they call it

Ah "research" - in art, it covers a range of activities. At the moment it means "collecting pictures/images" - the theme of the Extended Drawing class next term is Territories. Lots of scope!

I'm not at all sure what I'm looking for, so here are some images that appeal, from the many on my hard drive ... just a jumble, adding some randomness

possibly by Richard Long
"witchy trees" near Tate Britain ... others I see often are along Ladbroke Grove
December dusk along Stroud Green Rd ("my street")

The mystery of doorways

More mystery, with a starting point of marks on a floor

Limitless, somehow

Make up your own story!

Could be a map of an ancient settlement

What's more "territorial" than a pillow?

Gewitterbild by Floris Neususs - photo made by lightning; love the idea

~Transparent Drawing" by Ellsworth Kelly

Mosaic doorstep / threshold in Mayfair
Building site (Crossrail), Dec 13 - underground/overground
Layered view ... consider mistyness

"Walk this way" (another building site)
Folding "maps", an intermittent project
A non-view? (limitless, again);  Hampstead Heath
Christo's wrapped trees

Piles of ceramic "paper" by Sarah Dodd

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