29 March 2016

Drawing Tuesday - V&A

Most of us stayed in the room that was displaying Alison Britton's work over the past 40 years. What an interesting exhibition, with wonderful shapes of pots and interesting decoration. 

It was hard to know where to start - so I started by giving myself permission to have a messy day ... and started with the blind drawing top left, then some pots seen from afar, then some combinations of colours -
Until the page was full -
I particularly liked these two plaques, which were quite chunky and had an additional raised rim so that they seemed like two framed mirrors hanging on the wall. (Lying flat, they could hold water, which could mirror the sky...)
The one on the right was first drawn from across the room - and looked quite different close up!

What was everyone else up to?
Janet K went for two big black/white pots, then focused on the decoration of another

Joyce chose this one, among several she'd drawn, to be photographed

Carol used her careful marks to show tonality, then brought in colour as a background

In a warmer room, Janet B found a horse on a Renaissance door lintel
Discussion of materials and methods brought out two good tips:
Using china markers to add white highlights

Inktense pencils - "mix them with water and WOW the pencil turns into vibrant ink"

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