15 January 2017


A tangle of protective mesh -
I can't see "orange fence" without thinking of Jeanne Williamson's  textile work, but that's by the by. Here, photo taken, the building that it's beside turned out to be a disused tube station -
York Road, opened 1906, closed 1932; it was on what became the Piccadilly Line.
Being sited in a poor industrial area, the station saw little use, and Sunday services were withdrawn entirely from 5 May 1918. The station remained open for weekday and Saturday traffic only until 19 September 1932, when it was permanently closed.
At the start of the King's Cross redevelopment, there was some interest in reopening the station to reduce pressure on King's Cross St Pancras, but to date the proposal hasn't been taken up, despite a proliferation of high-rise living spaces in the past 10 years, filling the "poor industrial" space -

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