31 January 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Tate Britain

Tate Britain has plenty of sculptural objects, and of course paintings. Drawing from paintings offers different sorts of opportunities, as mags had discovered in a painting course she took recently. She sent along the exercise, should we wish to repeat it.

 I tried - but made only a few notes... The painting is by Ivon Hitchens
Autumn Composition: Flowers on a Table, 1932

Moving on to a William Scott, I got caught up in blending the colours with the few chunky stabilo crayons that happened to be in my bag -
Orange, Black and White Composition, 1953

Mags used the exercise to really look at some paintings

Henry Moore's Draped Seated Woman, 1957-8, by Janet K

Anthony Caro's Yellow Swing, 1965, by Najlaa

Jo's explorations of Hogarth's pug

Sue's views of Moore's Moon Head, 1964

Judith made several renditions of the same subject

Carol's tones bring the shape of Henry Moore's Vertebrae to life

Tool of the week - Rembrandt Sanguine oil, by Lyra
Cows in Turner's landscapes, by Jo
And some techniques -
Collage by Najlaa, with demonstration of how to find "interesting areas"
for later development
Jo's foray into monoprinting - what a wonderful range of results
Mags brought along her "train stitching", adding indigo fabric to an indigo base

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Charlton Stitcher said...

What an interesting exercise this is! And thank you to Mags for sharing her 'train stitching'. I usually have 'television stitching' of a similar ilk that I sit down to in the evening when we are home and my husband wants to watch television. I miss it when I don't have it ... which reminds me, I need to devise another now.