24 January 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Museum of Childhood

Despite our fears about the noise level at the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood (it has a terrible acoustic, and there are often excited school groups), it was somehow ok - and the sun was shining.

Janet B had a foray into architecture with a Georgian doll's house

Sue was struck by the mold for a doll's head, and some other molded items

Joyce found two Inuit dolls in sealskin and fur clothing, collected about 1910
Carol's pull-toys - the wooden duck and furry Wilfred -
If you're wondering where Pip and Squeak are ... here they are at home, in a 1922 newsreel -
Janet K's puppet has a touch of the Josephine Baker about her -
A bear with a balalaika, found by Jo - the bear is plush, the instrument is cardboard -
 I love the cat chair by Gerard Rigot, and still can't figure out how to get the head right -
Here it is from another angle -
 Beyond is a partial view of the rest of the case ...
... which included a glamorous lady riding a blue lion with red legs, and two comic puppets in striped jumpers (I had intended to paint them during the week, but...) -
Sculpture by Sam Smith (1973), and burglar puppets by Mary Bligh-Bond (aka Maria Saunders) (1946)
Technique of the week - using a jigsaw for drawing, as Carol has done for the godly play materials she uses in her work -

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