16 January 2017

Jogging the memory - three exhibitions from 2015

Bits of paper turn up, info from exhibitions seen ... but not remembered ...

White Cube Mason's Yard, 8 Oct 2015-9 Jan 2016 -- Losing the Compass - a group exhibition that focuses on the rich symbolism of textiles annd their poliical, social ad aesthetic significance through both art and craft practice ... it traces the poetic and subversive use of the textile medium ...
Are you shocked at the way the quilts are displayed?

Embroidered Minds: William Gowers and the Morris Family - Queen Square Library, Archive, and Museum, Nov 2015 - Feb 2016 - "renounded figures of the 19th-century artistic and scientific world conspire to hide a tragic secret"
The project is about what might have happened (via)

View Seven - The View from Here - Menier Gallery, 24-28 November 2015 - textiles by Claire Benn, Karen Farmer, Claudia Helmer, Claire Higgott, Daline Kiff-Stott, Susie Koren, Leslie Morgan. The work was individual, but it felt like the artists benefited from interacting with each other.

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