11 January 2017

Revisiting old magazines

From Fiberarts, Summer 2010 - Daniealla Simonsen, she of Elk Flight -

turns out to be Daniaelle Simonsen, and now "works with unruly materials" - see them here.

Work with snakeskin by Pat Hickman

"Black and White Grosgrain Ribbon Fold" 1983, by Warren Selig, made me think about displaying work to show both the front and back -

SAQA Journal, Winter 2010, has "30 ideas for newsletter or blog content", including
- creative projects for those who are not artists
- history of a colour, art medium, or technique
- notes about an art lecture you attended

I also liked the photo of Helen Gray's silk pieces, inspired by Aboriginal baskets -

but can't find her online.

Surface Design Journal - I did love getting that magazine, it crossed boundaries. From the Fall 2009 issue, Kiki Smith's "Tidal" - the dimensions confuse me, but I love the simplicity -
10.25" x 9 1/16" (boxed); 19.5 x 126.25 (open)
Ah, this version explains the dimensions given ... it folds and unfolds ...

Surface Design, Summer 2011 - Marguerite Jay Gignoux - "artist, teacher, collaborator" - uses fabric, she makes books, and much more - and signs herself Peg.

The Quilter, Summer 2010 - Rhiannon Williams made an enormous patchwork piece involving lottery tickets (My Loss is My Loss), but now seems to have moved on, via a degree at the Royal College of Art, to narrative textiles. 

In the Autumn 2011 issue, the story of how Linda Seward made a huge patchwork in wool for a Wool Board promotion - she mentions that I passed the job on to her (someone had passed it on to me), and what a time she had of it!

Embroidery, Autumn 1992 - this issue has a review of the show at the Commonwealth Institute that was so important for me. I looked at the beautifully displayed, beautifully finished work and thought "these people have all sorts of mess in their studios, but finished work comes out into the world - I want to do that". The magazine has a colour cover and 8 pages of colour in the middle ... and a lot of detailed (but somewhat fuzzy) black and white photographs. 

and Anne Bourbeau's rediscovery and reinterpretation of possessions she hadn't seen for ten years -

July/Aug 2011 - Evelin Kasikov's CYMK embroidery - reinterpretation of the four-colour print process into stitch -

(And that's quite enough for now!)

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