28 January 2017

Winter Lights in Docklands

Canary Wharf has a year-round light show in the illumination of its enormous office buildings, and from 16th to 27th January it had some clever and arty pieces on show at ground level. Here are a few; various videos (including this one with a cute kid) show others.
Much photography everywhere!
"Huge Reeds"

The elements of Bloom are location-aware and able to communicate;
also they made a changing soundscape

Horizontal Interference links the tops of trees with strips of light

The cascade of words in Bit.Fall is derived from a live newsfeed

Drawing with light onto mist: Water Wall

Some "natural" illumination in the Crossrail garden

Interactive: the Cosmic Radiophone plays the sound of the Big Bang
Reflected, Our Spectral Vision by Liz West

The White-Hat Sisters play Chopsticks

Back to the everyday ... rare is the Docklands tree without blue-lighting,
and what a difference it makes against the griddedness of everything else

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