07 July 2017

Blast from the past - July 2006

It's become a habit, when I leave home for a few days "holiday", to spend a little time preparing blog posts for the the time away from the computer. (Blogging on phone or ipad is not something I want to grapple with at this point.) Sometimes this coincides with looking back at what was happening five or 10 years ago - which can be a revelation!

A bit of improvement

The "workbench" is clear, the shelves are tidier, the lower shelves are hidden by the design board. And fabric for a new project is waiting on the ironing board.

The rest of the room, however, is full of refugee furniture from the living room, which Thomas is painting.

Two steps forward, one step back -- or is it the other way round?

* * * * *
The previous state of the studio, on which this is an improvement, can be seen here - and shows bookshelves that have now been inaccessible for some years. (Too much stuff into too little space...).

But compare the view 11 years ago with the view at the moment -
Gradually the tools are moving to Tom's new tool storage area in his flat over the hill, and this view is set to change in the next week or so. 

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