29 July 2017

Saturday round-up

This 'n' that from this week's photos.

A fascination with road markings and things-underfoot -

Fascinating - what a life she had! Photography not allowed in the exhibition (till 8 Oct).
Crossing the Millennium Bridge at evening

Not grafitti, exactly - a revelation of previous layers of paint

The wind blew the ghostly garbagebags about, but sometimes they
were at rest, filled with sunshine and the summer breeze

Hooked in London has a new meeting venue - I was thrilled to find
a Rocket Scientist mug, and to see the book that accompanies
the Surrealist Women exhibition at White Cube Bermondsay (till 17 Sept)

New River Path, Islington - truly an oasis. It was originally laid out as a park in 1860

The southern section includes the old watchman's hut

Old adverts in trendy Stoke Newington

The domino effect in Abney Park Cemetery, one of the "Big Seven"
new cemeteries of the 18302-40s. It's now rather wild

Midsummer flowers at the Olympic Park

The planting along the fence, on the way in to the park from Hackney Wick,
is less diverse than two years ago, and the building work is finished

Nice display of old tools in the windows of the architects next door
to London Review Bookshop, Bloomsbury

Tucked under the awning of an Italian restaurant near Smithfield Market

Old shopfronts in the Smithfield/Barts area

A revelation of pipework
Buying bread in Bermondsey

Nice coffee shop in Bermondsey

Reclaimed warehouse near Goodge Street

Walking upside down! Is this the famous "another planet"?
And on the home front, this little bit of protective cladding needs removing urgently, along with the sack of cement. The work surfaces are in use (if only for a sort of temporary storage!) and I delight in being able to cross the room without needing to make detours. Now I'm thinking about what would make it a welcoming studio. 

The flooring was meant to be practical but it is So Ugly! It will have to do for now. There's lots of storage space, including places for things that need to be right at hand, and lots of surface area for spreading out on - it's wonderful, but I don't seem to be using it. (Going out too much, maybe??)

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