15 July 2017

Wimbledon and Wellcome

Tennis? what tennis? 
 Delivering some drawings, hopeful entrants for the Jerwood drawing prize - not my own drawings, though (maybe next year?) -
 Then back to town for what turned out to be a challenging event -
 It wasn't just a matter of sitting and hearing about the project, oh no, it was participatory - the audience split into two groups and did some movement and some painting, similar to the activities for the dementia patients. I am a bit reluctant about dance/movement, so those 15 minutes of what was obviously very pleasurable for most people have given me food for thought.

The painting consisted of each person making a straight line, and then "whatever you want", with one dip into the paint pot each time -
 Watching the making of the long diagonals, uniting the works, was very satisfying ... wish I'd thought of that!! Using the gloopyness of paint with a big brush, not to mention the joy of yellow, was a terrific release after the baffling complexity of the movement session. All told, the event was informative in ways I hadn't expected.

One of the items on display in the Wellcome Collection is a printout of the human genome - some genes occupy several thick volumes -
In the bookshop/gift shop, two young women (art students? they were dressed in black and one was carrying a UAL bag) were having a great time with the souvenir body parts -
Holding hands
 Down the road, the church that I passed every morning on my way to work still has hollyhocks -
 and some legs have appeared, a giant sculpture -

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