14 July 2017

Rediscovering my dipped ceramics

Looking through cupboards and in boxes, unwrapping ...
Seeing these objects of labour afresh - and yet I still don't know what to think about them. So I'm taking yet more photos, singly and in groups (families, definitely families). 
It all started with the idea of "the ceramic book"

Gathered fabric, so fragile 
Stitching and strips of metallic fabric

Variations on a theme

More and more variations

Unpredictable effects

"A bigger splash" ! (or: "She said what?)

Trio #1
Trying out some "travel lines" as background

Nuclear family


Trio #2

The dipped ceramics have gone through various names/descriptions - chimneypots, vessels, fabric-ceramic pots, transformed pots, metamorphosed ceramics, and as yet there's not really a short wording for them. 

It's about the switch between opposites, soft fabric into hard pottery, woven into baked ("baked wovens"?), ephemeral into durable, lifespan into eternity, colourful into monochrome, penetrable into solid - they cross over some sort of threshold and move from one end of the dichotomy to another. Dichotomised ceramics? no, you have to know the whole story before that makes sense. The search goes on ...

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beatrice De said...

I can see, you move a lot.